Mighty Minis


A mushroom block can typically be harvested three or four times before it becomes nutritionally exhausted. When one “flush” is ready to harvest, the next has already begun to emerge from the substrate. As a result, some small, immature mushrooms inevitably get harvested alongside their larger brothers and sisters. The amazing benefit to this is that these tiny mushrooms, or ‘Mighty Minis’ as we lovingly refer to them, can be more potent than their fully mature counterparts. Mighty Minis are the micro-greens of the mushroom world. They can provide more medicinal compounds by weight than a full-grown mushroom. Our Mighty Minis are a mixture of cubensis varieties.

  • Please note, all of our mushrooms are sold DRIED. Fresh photos are only to show what the mushrooms look like right after they have been harvested.



3.5g, 7g, 14g, 1oz, 2oz


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