Grounding DMT Changa Pre-Roll (100mg)


Contains 100mg Changa (50mg DMT)

This dose is intended for the tentative journeyer, those who are highly sensitive, and those who desire a gentle reset.

Price Breakdown:
1-4 units = $12 each
5-9 units = $11 each
10-19 units = $10 each
20+ units = $9 each

Changa is an herbal smoke blend that has been infused with N,NDimethyltryptamine. The herbs are often mildly psychoactive in nature and have a synergistic effect when combined with DMT. Changa is versatile and can be smoked or vaporized just like cannabis. Each herb in this blend has been carefully selected to create the smoothest, most enjoyable experience for the user. These prerolled changa joints from Pineal Perceptions were designed with ease of use in mind simply remove from the tube and light.

This changa is 50% DMT and 50% herbs by weight. The DMT is extracted from Mimosa hostilis and the herbal blend consists of:

Mullein (Base Herb) Mullein is the ideal base for a smoke blend as it produces a smooth, light smoke.
Mugwort (Supporting Herb) Sometimes referred to as the “dreaming herb, mugwort promotes lucid dreaming and supports the nervous system. It has a slightly sweet flavour and produces a light smoke.

Passionflower (Supporting Herb) Passionflower improves sleep and eases anxiety while supporting the nervous system. It adds a slightly sweet flavour.

Blue Lotus (Supporting Herb) Blue lotus has relaxing, calming, and mildly euphoric effects. It can also assist in pain relief and relaxation of the nervous system.

Peppermint (Flavouring Herb) Peppermint offers a great minty flavour that softens the harshness of the smoke and provides a cooling aftertaste. It improves blood circulation and encourages relaxed breathing by clearing the lungs and respiratory tract.


For a comprehensive list of the effects of DMT, please visit:

Smoked or vaporized DMT needs to be held in the lungs for 1015 seconds for the full effect. Once you have inhaled as much smoke/vapor as your lungs can comfortably handle, remove the joint/device from your mouth and continue to inhale air for a few more seconds. This pulls the smoke/vapor past the throat and gets it deep into the lungs which mitigates the risk of coughing and allows the DMT to have the strongest effect.


Changa often contains an MAOI (monoamine oxidase inhibitor) in the form of harmala alkaloids. MAOIs serve to prolong and intensify the DMT experience, however, they can be dangerous when combined with certain foods and medications. For this reason, THIS CHANGA DOES NOT CONTAIN AN MAOI.


Changa is best stored away from heat, light and oxygen. The storage tubes conceal the joints from light and oxygen. Ideal storage temperature is between 1020 degrees Celsius. If optimal storage conditions are maintained, the joints have a shelflife of 2+ years.

*Joint tubes are made from 100% reclaimed ocean plastic

**DMT is not recommended for those with elevated blood pressure, including pregnant women, and those with increased risk of heart attack or stroke. Certain medications should not be combined with DMT. Please do your own research to ensure safe use.


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