Legal Psychedelic Therapy Comes to Alberta

An Alberta man facing terminal cancer has been approved to receive psilocybin therapy thanks to the Syntac Institute – a non-profit organization which aims to bring legal psychedelic-assisted therapy to Canadians.

Calgary resident Anthony White is now able to undergo immediate psilocybin-assisted therapy to help him cope with the severe psychological distress that comes with facing a terminal diagnosis.

White told Newswire,

“Facing this devastating prognosis has been incredibly difficult, but I am grateful I can soon gain some comfort and relief through this promising therapy.  I appreciate the help from the folks at SYNTAC to bring this to reality, and to Health Canada for putting the patient first in this important decision.”

This decision was granted by the Office of Controlled Substances at Health Canada and comes only a few months after four other terminal cancer patients received legal access to psilocybin treatment.

The path for patients who find themselves in similar situations is being compassionately carved thanks to the efforts of organizations like the Syntac Institute.

Learn more about the phenomenal efforts being put forth by Syntac.

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